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The smart way to launch

Disrupting a competitive market


The situation

The European heating valve market is intensely competitive. The multitude of global and local brands competing for market share has commoditised the market and increased price-led competition.

Resideo was formed in 2018 as a spin-off from Honeywell. As a smart home industry leader, they needed to reinvigorate their valves business with the launch of a completely new range of valves and TRV heads.


The task

Develop a launch strategy and launch campaign to grow sales and Resideo’s share of the heating valve market across Europe. Focusing on six key European markets, the campaign had to communicate the advantage of the new, improved products and simplified range to multiple audiences: installers, wholesalers and specifiers.


The approach

To gain an audience-centric perspective and understand the different market dynamics, we undertook research in the six key launch countries. This revealed local market factors that needed to be considered, and some common insights:

  • Heating valves are seen as commodity items, chosen on price
  • Valves sticking was a recognised reason for valve failure
  • Valves widely perceived as being from a premium brand

To position the new valves effectively, and demonstrate the USPs, we would need to change the way installers select the valves they use.


The action

The legacy products were already known for quality and reliability. The new products were even better, leading us to a bold proposition of ‘Guaranteed for life’ – something no competitor could claim. Using this proposition, we developed the ‘Continuous flow control for life’ campaign, backed by a money-back guarantee from Resideo, underscoring their confidence in the quality of the new, improved valves.

Pan-European launch assets included an animation showing ‘continuous flow’ in action. A seamless, continuous line illustrating a variety of different product benefits gave the campaign a distinctive identity that flowed through all the campaign assets, from brochures and printed materials to digital ads, emailers, web and social activations.

In 2020, COVID-19 resulted in reduced activity across many European heating markets, with only ‘emergency’ call-outs permitted for long periods in many countries. These challenging conditions made the initial success of the launch even more rewarding.


of the month 1 sales target


of the trimester sales target


strong campaign

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