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PLAQTIV+ Portfolio


Animalcare wanted to create a premium animal dental care portfolio that was only sold through vet practices, and that offered an evidence-based solution.

The PLAQTIV+ packaging epitomises the quality and efficacy of the range, designed with a clinical feel to build trust, whilst maximising customer convenience.

Our designs feature a pristine white background for all formats (making it easy to pick out from competitors’ packaging), with the PLAQTIV+ logo clearly visible. Each packaging format looks expensive, with a refined silver sheen inspired by its premium positioning. All formats consider their usage to make it as familiar as possible for the pet owner, i.e. the spray is small to fit into a handbag, the water additive is larger to sit in a cupboard, and the wipes resemble baby wipe packaging, making them all convenient.

Export partners in Asia, Oceania and Europe have all commented that ‘the packaging really mirrors a scientifically driven product, it’s different from other products out thereon the market.’

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