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Orastrip Launch


OraStripdx is a new way to support the diagnosis of periodontal disease in a consultation.

By using Orastripdx, a vet is able to begin conversations with pet owners about their pet’s dental health and have some visual to explain why further treatment may be appropriate. To help vets become comfortable with using these at every appropriate consultation, we packaged them in a handy pouch so each test can be used as needed, and then sealed away.

As well as a full-size pouch, we also offered a smaller 4 test pack that introduced the product to vets, and helped them to understand when and how they should be using it. Once they were convinced of its ease and usefulness, they could then order the larger pouches to use with all appropriate clients.

Since launch in November, over 100,000 cats and dogs have benefited from this clever tool. The brand manager from Animalcare said ‘Purple immediately captured the added value of this product and translated it into a powerful campaign: seeing is believing.’

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