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Digital transformation across the EUCAN region

Delivering creative and digital adaptation for 20 brands

What we did

The situation

Digital transformation dominates today’s thinking in the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical companies have responded to this fundamental shift in order to help HCPs deliver more personalised patient care, engage more fully with physicians and patients and use data to drive superior insight and decision making.

As the fifth largest pharmaceutical company in the world, MSD needed an international agency with the skills and reach to deliver both creative and digital adaptation-based work for 20 brands across the EUCAN region.

diagram showing how purple, veeva, msd and ichor integrate

The task

We partnered with MSD to transition 80% of their traditional print items digital e-detail aids for 20 of their key brands.

We had only 3 months to complete the initial digital transformation, which involved converting conventional print assets to approximately 1,000 digital screens.


The approach

Purple have a number of working practices to develop digital materials, which means we are able to use any existing materials, in any format, and convert this to a digital output.

Our industry-leading ICHOR Studio platform underpins this process to provide:

  • Project and workflow management
  • Exhaustive tracking and reporting
  • Digital asset and approval management

This robust digital transformation process meant MSD could stay in control of the workflow, while saving time and budget. They could also be reassured the new digital assets would be brand compliant.


The action

The digital transformation project involved three phases:

Phase 1
Review all assets for copyright issues, standardise formatting and create templates.

Produce interactive PDFs, for rapid deployment in all countries and platforms.

Phase 2
Set up a Veeva test environment, and develop output in HTML5 suitable for Veeva.

Phase 3
Plan and scope automation of iPad assets to Veeva-ready HTML for stakeholder countries.

Build and test prototype for countries to submit their locally-produced output


e-detail screens created in just 3 months

20 brands

supported across the EUCAN region

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