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Kelo-cote Campaign


Kelo-cote is a clinically proven treatment to help reduce the appearance of scars after surgical procedures, wounds and burns.

With low brand awareness and little in terms of customer data and insights, Alliance sought to uncover their target audience and create a campaign that would disrupt the market, with little budget.

We developed an innovative Instagram campaign which delivered real impact but also great insight into the customers and their key drivers.
This included 6 impactful but varied creative routes, from clinical to playful to emotive, which were run as a A/B tests across Instagram – 2 different creatives, every 2 weeks. This enabled us to reach a wide and varied audience, increasing awareness of Kelo-cote and its launch in Boots – as well as finding out which messaging and creative best hook our audience and drive engagement.

The campaign provided invaluable insight, giving the brand team in-depth knowledge of their audience, including drivers and barriers based on age, region, ethnicity and gender.
Equally important, the campaign led to a significant increase in sales and direct engagement with customers via social media.


click throughs

1.9 million


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