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Humanising technology

A strategic approach to digital marketing

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The situation

IBM were keen to show off their work with the RSPCA because, as well as highlighting its technological expertise, it could demonstrate IBM’s ability to work with almost any business with scale.


The task

It was down to us to create a case study that could transform this complex subject matter into a story compelling enough to promote IBM’s capabilities and connect with its prospects.


The approach

Who doesn’t love dogs? This was the seed behind a video case study featuring the RSPCA’s canine guests. By showing the interaction between the animals and support staff, a short film could bring to life IBM’s digital engagement work more than a static technology presentation ever could.


The action

With the RSPCA’s support staff and four-legged friends in starring roles, we produced a film showing how a strategic approach to digital marketing successfully connects with supporters, helping the charity rehome animals and drive fundraising activities.

Picture of Khaleesi the dog
woman checking her phone
dog with a ball in its mouth
RSPCA app on mobile device
cat face


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