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Dramatising the outcomes

An immersive sequel

What we did

The situation

After introducing an element of drama to IBM’s Cyber Security and Resiliency service presentation, we were invited to create a similarly themed follow-up for forthcoming virtual global events.

The original interactive presentation, ‘Every Second Counts’, played out the impact of cybercrime on a fictional retailer ‘live’ with an audience, successfully elevating IBM’s keynote address and upselling their cybercrime solution.

I always find working with the team at Purple a delight. Flexible and responsive, the team are quick to understand our objectives and keen to work with us in an agile manner as we co-create ideas and deliver complex projects on time.

Tony Whitelaw
IBM Services Marketing Manager, IBM UK and Ireland


The task

IBM were keen to match the impact of the previous presentation, but this time, focusing on the aftermath of the cybercrime storyline.

The recipient of a ‘best live event’ B2B Martech award in 2020, the phase one presentation was a tough act to follow. We needed to find a way to follow the story, while pushing the level of interaction and audience engagement.


The approach

Starting with a client-supplied framework, we worked with IBM to brainstorm a number of ideas. We then went away to prepare storyboards, mood boards and style guides for a 20-minute video presentation.

Rather than track the cybercrime in progress, as in phase one, the new presentation took the form of a who-done-it, exploring where each employee went wrong through fly-on-the-wall interviews. By interrogating the employees and watching how each attempted to deflect blame to other members of the team, the presentation highlighted the effect cybercrime has on ill-prepared staff and businesses.


The action

Once we had agreed the creative approach with the client, we finalised the script and began filming. As well as coordinating the shoot, we produced and edited the video, developed the on-screen graphics and designed and assembled a presentation to run the film sequences.

To enhance the interactivity of the presentation, we created plenty of opportunities for the presenter to ‘interrogate’ and comment on the employees’ responses ‘live’, with carefully timed edits and breaks. Not only did this make the video sequences more memorable, it helped the audience relate more to the fictional employees, in turn helping to bring home the true impact of cybercrime.

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