GLL is the UK’s leading charitable social enterprise, providing sports and leisure across the country. GLL operates Better as its consumer facing brand. Better has 350 sites across the UK, from gyms, sports centres, skate parks, trampoline centres and ice skating rinks to soft play and library facilities. With nearly 850,000 members and 54 million visits a year, Better is constantly looking for new, innovative and engaging ways to market to its existing customers and bring new ones through the door.

Purple were tasked with creating a bespoke creative service to deliver all of Better’s strategic brand and tactical marketing across the UK and Northern Ireland, to find a smarter way to deliver creative services across its extensive portfolio. This service needed to be able to flex to varying demand throughout the year, and accommodate national brand communications, product specific launches and promotions, along with supporting regional and local initiatives and tactics.

Purple built a dedicated GLL team. The team comprises account management, planning and media, a creative team of art directors, designers and copywriters and a dedicated production team specialising in on- and offline production along with proofing. This core team is supported by the wider agency resources, including motion graphics, a full stack development team and many other skills that can be called upon when needed.

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