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GLL is the biggest social enterprise in the UK. It’s a true USP in a world of sameness. Problem is, very few people know what “social enterprise” means. So Better, the promotional brand of GLL, was struggling to communicate their true difference to current and potential members of Better gyms in a very competitive market. They needed a way to make social enterprise mean something tangible to a key group of gym users—18-25s.


To create an empowering message about Better gyms that would resonate with an 18–25 year old audience and drive them to continue, or purchase, a membership.


We knew from market research that the 18–25 year old customer segment has a strong desire to make a difference to society. We knew the idea of social enterprise would resonate, but it had to be communicated in a relevant, tangible way. We needed people to feel like they were in charge, and making the choice to join a gym that was more than just exercise equipment and a pool.

This led us to “I CHOOSE.”

We combined the the key benefits of Better gyms and social enterprise with the powerful statement, “I CHOOSE.” Instead of using corporate speak about social enterprise, we broke it down into real, meaningful benefits to the individual and their community.

This route was also flexible for all of the different communities we needed to appeal to. With a common structure of “I CHOOSE” we could reflect the reasons people really choose Better. This ”realness” carried over to the execution as well. We chose real members and Better staff in the campaign. This gave the whole campaign an authentic, honest feel that reflects the Better brand and the communities it serves.

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