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Nine out of ten children catch chickenpox before they’re 15, so it’s important that parents know what to expect. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of quality information available to parents about chickenpox. What is available often scares them with worst-case-scenarios, or shady "evidence" that is anything but.


Multi-channel, integrated marketing campaign


To educate parents about the risks associated with chickenpox so that they can explore all management, treatment and prevention options.


Purple worked with our client to build an awareness campaign around a starring character: Dotty. Capturing the attention of parents and kids alike, Dotty put a friendly, loveable face to helping parents understand what to expect from chickenpox and how to prepare for it. The campaign featured Dotty across multiple channels, including an educational microsite, a collection of digital banner and Google ads, print ads in leading parenting magazines and animated posters displayed in 20 UK towns.


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10.9 %

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