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Smart rebranding


Croda Pharma’s recent growth had expanded their focus from consumer health to pharma and healthcare. This included the acquisition of leading biopharma company, Avanti Polar Lipids.

To reflect their new market position, we embarked on a brand transformation journey. Our research revealed high post-pandemic demand, but a very fragmented landscape with limited brand differentiation. Through interviews with internal and external stakeholders, we identified Croda Pharma’s unique differentiators: high-quality work, customer focus, expertise, reliability, and strong ethics. We used this insight to propose a new brand architecture and personality, based on ‘Empowering Biologics Delivery’.

This represents their goal to be a global leader in biopharma drug delivery and a thought leader in the pharmaceutical industry. We developed pillars of innovation, formulation, and application, along with values of integrity, expertise, collaboration, and capability, to support the brand promise. An accompanying visual identity used natural photography and concentric circles to symbolise the breadth of their work.

To ensure brand consistency, we provided brand guidelines, templates, and presentations, along with a comprehensive pre-launch, launch, and post-launch social media campaign. Croda Pharma’s new brand identity now positions them as a leader in biopharma and healthcare, consistently across all global markets and channels.

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