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Probably the best dedicated studio in the world

On-site studio

What we did

The situation

Carlsberg is one of the most recognised names in the drinks world.

With 14 core brands, they needed one consistent solution that could both create and manage on-brand assets, fast.

Supporting 14 brands in the UK

The task

Carlsberg challenged us to help them:

  • Improve quality and consistency
  • Deliver assets faster, while staying on-brand
  • Make the production process easier for all client stakeholders

We also worked on Carlsberg’s largest-ever UK launch (Pilsner) and supported the refresh of three of their flagship brands (Export, Special Brew and Nordic).


The approach

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. With Carlsberg, our strategy was reimagining their entire creative and delivery process, building efficiency and improving communication across their teams. We also wanted to empower the on-site studio team and strengthen our relationship with them.


The action

We adopted Carlsberg’s existing studio team, who had invaluable product knowledge and experience. We then supported them with the latest technology and workflow processes.

ICHOR Studio – our industry-leading workflow management platform – was central in making the entire creative process simpler, while also improving brand visibility and productivity.

Carlsberg marketing paraphernalia
Tetleys marketing paraphernalia
Big Taste marketing paraphernalia
Mahou marketing paraphernalia


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major product launches supported

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