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Avios needed a dynamic campaign to promote their new card linking technology to a B2B audience. Card linking allows partners’ customers to collect Avios without the need to show a physical loyalty card, by securely linking a customer’s payment card and Avios membership number.


Direct mail, website


To launch Avios’s card linking technology–get the target audience to engage with the Avios proposition–and create a moment of delight. And in doing this, generate leads for Avios.


The technology is frictionless, a partner can offer loyalty and rewards using any one of their customers’ payment cards. Leading us to a magic theme of "pick a card, any card". Purple developed this magic concept into an integrated campaign. It connects magic with card linking and is delivered via a content-rich user journey, creating a tiered campaign that creates multiple pathways for stakeholders to engage.

Face-to-face meeting

10 +

Qualified Leads

34 +

Response Rate

58 %

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