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The strategy behind the glamour

Laura Bessant

Author: Laura Bessant

Senior Account Executive

Date posted: 10/10/2022

From ideation, to planning and delivering, there’s a lot more to B2B marketing than you see.

It all started back in February. One of our long-standing clients reached out about a photoshoot for a product launch. They wanted us to run it: from planning to creative direction, through to the actual day of shooting and post-production. It was a great opportunity for our team to show their skills.

And this is how we did it.

Chapter 1: ideation

First, we needed a brief. We sat down with the Studio team to discuss the client’s expectations, what skills were required and what other information we needed before driving the shoot forward. Our list for the client included:

  • Deliverables
  • Location
  • Models
  • Usage terms
  • Date of launch
  • Any visual references

Once we had the answers – they wanted a lifestyle photography shoot for their comms, with added B-roll footage, in a European-looking house – we put forward a quote for the client. We made sure this ticked off everything we would need, from the photographer to our team’s time, to make-up artists, catering, and travel. Everything was included, to avoid any surprises further down the project line.

As soon as we got the client’s approval, we moved onto the planning.

Chapter 2: pre-production

We started with thinking about the location. The client wanted somewhere that wasn’t ‘too British’, as the assets were going to be released across all of Europe. So, our Studio team started scouting for a modern home which could be suitable.

But location wasn’t just about what the house looked like. We also had to consider the logistics of the shoot, which was going to be spread across two days, and the client would attend both. We focused our search in and around London, and finally set our hearts on an impressive five-story home which also happened to have the perfect rooms for the shoot: a family kitchen, two fireplaces and a home office – everything we needed to showcase the client’s products.

Of course, we kept in contact with our clients throughout the whole decision-making process. As with all our projects, we work as partners: we offer our advice, but no final decision is made without their sign off.

And with them, we also worked on finding the perfect models, photographer, house accessories, and photo treatment.

Chapter 3: day of shooting

Before even getting to the location, we had to plan logistics. It was to be a two-day shoot, which meant people needed travel and accommodation planned. We also had to meet with the homeowners to reassure them we would take care of the space, and brief the models.

But once we made it to the house, we could finally have a little bit of fun. We worked with the photographer to figure out the best areas of the house to shoot in, and best treatment for the shots. The client was on hand to review the images once captured, offering suggestions and advice.

We also took some footage for a little behind-the-scenes video for our Instagram page.

Chapter 4: post-production

Unfortunately, the end of shooting day did not mean the end of the work. As soon as we received the photos, we shared an initial selection with the client. They then highlighted a few retouching elements (for example, we had to remove or hide some UK plug sockets for the eastern European market), before it was time for us to place the images on the actual assets.

We are very proud of our work, and the client is really happy. It was hard work too; it required a lot of strategic thinking and planning for what can seem like two days of fun on a set. Now, we can’t wait to see the final product roll out across Europe.

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Laura Bessant is a Senior Account Executive at the Purple Agency and is part of the B2B team. Laura’s background of work has allowed her to gain solid agency experience working across a range of clients from security technology and finance, to fashion and beauty.