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Purple Health wins the VMA Advertising Campaign Award

Purple Health took home the VMA Advertising Campaign Award for the irreverent ‘She’s the Boss’ campaign, with the independent veterinary group XLVets.

Nick Burgoyne

Author: Nick Burgoyne

Healthcare Client Services Director

Date posted: 25/08/2021

Purple Health took home the VMA Advertising Campaign Award for the irreverent ‘She’s the Boss’ campaign, with the independent veterinary group XLVets. The work was also Highly Commended in the Veterinary/Animal Health Media Advertising Award and Marketing Campaign Award categories.

The awards, hosted by the Veterinary Marketing Association, provide a unique platform to showcase and reward the veterinary and animal health industry’s skill, creativity and professionalism in marketing its products and services throughout the previous year.

XLVets wanted to engage with potential members and share their core value of being free to put the patient first. They challenged Purple to deliver a campaign that unashamedly communicated that XLVets are not corporate – they’re the opposite. XLVets brings together independent practices and supports them in growing their business whilst maintaining their identity.

After gaining a deep understanding of XLVets’ vision, the team knew they had to deliver stand-out creative with a short, sharp message that would really resonate with prospective members. But we knew vets only become vets to help patients – not to make money. So the core of the campaign was born. The eye-catching ‘She’s the Boss’ campaign undoubtedly resonated with the audience, as XLVets saw the highest number of new practices joining in a quarter than ever before, as well as an above-average CTR and an impressive 38% increase in LinkedIn followers.

Our Client Partnership Director, Isabelle Geoghegan, worked with XLVets to realise their vision and had this to say: ‘We were able to tap into the emotional reasons that vets go into practice in the first place – to care for the animals. This was the forefront of our campaign, aligning this with the belief that independent practices can remain independent whilst still being able to achieve clinical excellence alongside being a profitable business. The simple, but beautiful, creative allowed the animal to be front and centre just as they are for the vet. We’re delighted that the campaign not only looked beautiful, but also achieved the breakthrough and the ROI that XLVets were after.’

Purple Health is a specialist division of Purple Agency. From illness to wellness, from intervention to prevention, from animal to human, health is a spectrum that touches every single one of us. This is why Purple Health focuses on promoting products that help and heal us, making our health as good as it can be.

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