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Purple Health voted Best Healthcare Marketing Specialists

Purple Health took the top spot at the 2020 GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards.

Amy Johnson

Author: Amy Johnson

Associate Creative Director

Date posted: 17/02/2021

Purple Health took the top spot at the 2020 GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

The Awards highlight innovation in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries by recognising the forward thinkers who bring crucial new ideas and products to the forefront in one of the world’s most demanding and competitive sectors.

Following successful expansion in both the human and animal sectors, Purple Health recently also expanded into over the counter and consumer wellness to cover the full spectrum of health.

“At Purple, we make communications that actually work. That’s why we’re so pleased to win the GHP Award, because they’re awarded based on actual contributions to the industry.”
Nick Burgoyne, International Client Services Director, Purple Health

Purple Health is a specialist division of Purple Agency. From illness to wellness, from intervention to prevention, from animal to human, health is a spectrum that touches every single one of us. This is why Purple Health focuses on promoting products that help and heal us, making our health as good as it can be.

To find out more about communications that actually work, visit our Purple Health page here or contact