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Crafting campaigns for eye health pioneers

Account Manager Paige Sherreard delves into the importance of eye health as part of our everyday wellness.

Paige Sherreard

Author: Paige Sherreard

Senior Account Manager, Purple Health

Date posted: 23/09/2021

National Eye Health Week is here, and it’s shining a light on the importance of eye health as part of our everyday wellness. The 2021 campaign is led by Vision Matters, and it shares simple, yet effective, ways we can look after our eyes and vision – such as our diets and attending regular eye tests.

With the overall life expectancy increasing, it’s important that we take care of what cannot yet be entirely replaced by science. Wellness and prevention campaigns want to reduce the number of people suffering from more serious optical diseases, like glaucoma and diabetic macular oedema. Although ophthalmologists are always looking to pioneer new treatments, these diseases still remain a challenge today.

Glaucoma, for example, is the leading cause of irreversible blindness, in both the UK and the US. That’s why carefully crafted messages are particularly important. They should both encourage people’s symptom awareness, as well as advising people on lifestyle changes they can make to take care of their eye health. For those diagnosed with glaucoma, the need is real, as both patients and healthcare professionals (HCP) want to avoid invasive surgery.

The most common treatment today is eye drops, but statistics show that 1 in 5 patients are not managed adequately this way. It’s reported that 40% of patients do not take their medication as prescribed. However, development of implants continues, and there is space for brands to pitch their case for a minimally invasive treatment.

But as maximum life expectancy and the rate of optical diseases rise, forward-thinking treatments are in demand. So, how can pharmaceutical brands make sure their products are top-of-mind for the pioneering ophthalmologist? We believe the key is creating a strong narrative around treatment options, one that goes beyond passive engagement, towards a more immersive experience.

Eye health demands an effective communications strategy, tailored to HCPs and their desire for good clinical outcomes. In a competitive space like ophthalmology, pharmaceutical companies need to be more focused on engaging campaign content. Strong data, together with compelling creative, are key to bolstering trust and piquing interest across the target audience.

We believe in pushing the boundaries of traditional healthcare marketing. We specialise in creating that crucial creative connection HCPs need and backing it up with compelling data and insights – ticking all boxes for a successful campaign. 

Do you want to know how to create a successful campaign? To find out more about communications that actually work, visit our Purple Health page here or contact

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