Data and marketing technology

Insight, analytics and automation

Award winning data insight, analytics and marketing automation

Combining the wealth of data available to marketers with the intelligent use of marketing technology we have made marketing to an audience of one an everyday reality for our clients.

In a data driven, digital world, purple harness the power of “big data” to understand audiences better, measure campaigns more precisely and market more effectively.

Customer insight

Data shows “who” your customers are, and what they do, but not “why”. Our strategists and planners delve deeper.

Using behavioural insights, we help you get to know the people behind the data. This means tailored experiences, and more engagement.

Data hygiene

Results are only as good as their data. We created a solution to improve conversion, reduce costs and stay compliant – remotely.

Data 360 gives our clients access to free audits and a range of tools to keep data accurate, and up to date.

Digital analytics

As a Google Partner we measure, capture, and interpret data to inform effective content and search driven marketing.

Our certified strategists optimise digital presence, analysing how and where users engage and what they do next, before designing and optimising campaigns to suit them.

Social listening

What people think, say, and share about you is valuable. State of the art social listening tools will reveal those insights.

Making content customers will love, and responding quickly to trends, optimises social marketing, and informs brand and content strategies too. 

Want to make communications that actually work? Then you know what to do