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Veeva CLM

Veeva’s powerful closed loop marketing programme means more meaningful interactions, increased productivity and high adoption in the field.

When meeting with HCP’s every second counts. As calls and appointments get shorter your sales aid needs to work harder for you. 66% of HCPs complain that sales aids are not customised to their practice but with Veeva, every page is gives you the chance to gather information so you can tailor your next call and content. Using clear and concise story flow and content to deliver your message is essential in making your sales aid unforgettable.

Intuitive navigation, effective messaging, insightful charts, surveys, patient builders, budget impact models; add real value to your sales call with features that your customer won’t forget.

Veeva CRM Engage for Portals and Engage Meeting

85% of HCPs want to meet with reps on-line, Veeva CRM Engage meeting makes on-line meetings with healthcare providers easy and compliant.

Engage Meeting enables your team to easily reuse and re-purpose all of your approved and compliant CLM content and to deliver this information to your customers in a convenient and collaborative way.

Engage meeting provides a single common industry platform for on-line meetings leveraging its unique capabilities to enable simple and accessible communications for HCPs, improving their experience and opening new avenues for digital interaction.


Connect your team with inaccessible customers, extend face-to-face conversations, improve productivity, engage and reach more customers at the right time.

Veeva CRM Approved Email enables your reps to send emails to multiple recipients at the touch of a button. Approved emails are instantly personalised using existing HCP data generating a 10x higher open rate than your corporate emails.

Every email sent, opened and clicked through is automatically captured by Veeva, building up a database of interactions that can help shape your future strategy and inform your content and creative.

By developing and pre-approving email templates we can ensure that all content and communications are up to date and guaranteed compliant.

VAULT PromoMats

As a Veeva Accredited Partner, Purple is no stranger to keeping up to date with the latest technologies and improvements to support client compliance and regulatory responsibilities.

Vault PromoMats will be replacing Zinc MAPS to provide faster times to market through improved review, approval and distribution processes. Purple have already helped many of our clients with a seamless transition to PromoMats and improved overall performance.

With the new single click withdrawal and automatic expiry reference library, PromoMats makes it easier to stay compliant and provides you with an accurate central asset hub for your global brand management.

Its ease of integration with Microsoft Office and real time sessions makes PromoMats the ideal platform for working collaboratively.


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