To demonstrate the dangers of cybercrime to its customers, IBM demanded more than a PowerPoint deck. Fortified with a sense of theatre, IBM needed to elevate its Cyber Resilience offering, pricking the interest of high-level business leaders at international events.

After IBM approached Purple with the seed of an idea involving a simulated cyber-attack, we set about devising a script and storyboard for a memorable piece of experiential storytelling.
Making use of cleverly timed, pre-recorded sequences with actors, we created a presentation that takes the audience through two interactive scenarios, negative and positive.

Our presentation begins conventionally, only to be interrupted by an urgent call – apparently live – forcing the presenter to work with the caller to resolve the cyber-attack with the help of the audience.

As well as establishing the project narrative, we managed the video production process from start to finish.

The presentation was so successful it was repurposed for events such as the Cloud Expo Europe and Chief Disruptor Live in London, helping IBM build confidence in their Cyber Resilience services.

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