Published date: 05 Mar 2019

How a client’s search to find their brand’s voice helped me discover mine.

I joined The Purple Agency just over seven months ago, just out of university, with no prior agency experience. I was a newbie. I was excited. But I knew it would take time to find my feet.

I’m quite a shy and reserved person. When I speak, I want to make sure I say something with impact. As a junior member of the team, I found myself afraid of saying something stupid. Fearful to use my voice, I tended to sit in silence. In a team full of personalities, I needed to become more open and find my voice.

I was faced with a big question: how do I find my voice in a team full of personality?

The beginning of an answer came recently when my client asked us to support their work in identifying and defining their brand voice. As a newcomer to branding, the simplicity of the question struck me. If it were a person, any person, what kind of person would that brand be like? To think of a brand as a person, in human terms, is obvious to experienced marketers, but to me it was a profound discovery. To think about how a brand behaves, how it communicates, how it connects with its customers on an emotional level.

Humanising the brand opened my eyes to how viewing myself as a brand could help me discover my own voice. Everything I do – the way I present myself, the way I speak – all contributes to my unique voice. My voice is unlike any other asset. It helps me stand out in a team of personalities.

I was astonished that by looking at the client’s brand as a person, I was able to find a key to personal progress. I believe this is one of the best parts about working at Purple – getting a new perspective on our own challenges.

I’m looking forward to what the future in the agency holds, and I’m liking my newly discovered voice.