Our favourite 2018 Christmas Adverts announced!

Our favourite 2018 Christmas Adverts announced!

Published date: 19 Dec 2018

Let’s all be honest, once Halloween and Bonfire Night were over, we were all sitting there on our sofas waiting for the Christmas adverts to make their appearance. This year has been particularly exciting with controversy, music legends and an animated vegetable mimicking some of our favourite fairy-tale stories.

It only seemed right for our Purple People to take a vote on the top 5 for our favourite festive adverts of 2018, and here is the verdict.

#5 – ‘Elton’ John Lewis

It’s usually the favourite advert each year, but not for us at Purple. With zero votes, the ‘Elton’ John Lewis advert has come last. Whether that’s down to the expensive piano they seem to be promoting (who knew John Lewis even sold pianos) or the fact that the advert itself cost more than the biggest mansion in London, we were not feeling it. Let’s see what they pull out of the bag next year though!

#4 – BOOTS ‘Gifts That Get Them’

This advert pulled on a few heartstrings, coming in fourth place with just a handful of votes. We definitely saw a story behind this advert, and I am sure a few of us could relate (we remember when our mums used to take the eyeliner off us). Nice idea, Boots!

#3 – ALDI’s ‘Kevin the Carrot’

Is it the Coca-Cola van? Nope. It’s Kevin the Carrot. Who’d have thought that ALDI’s advert would even make it to the top 5 with an animated carrot to be driving a van – and without a seatbelt. Since this initial cliff-hanger, we’ve had Kevin playing a part in the Little Red Riding hood story – it’s quite sweet actually! But will there be more fairy tales between now and the big day?

#2 – Sainsbury’s ‘The Big Night’

None of us can deny that the human story made us all laugh out loud! Sainsbury's really hit the nail on the head with their advert. Stepping away from a traditional nativity play, and adding an element of fun and theatre, they also stepped away from promoting their products, unlike Tesco and Marks & Spencer’s, and focused on what Christmas is really about - having fun! It's a big thumbs-up from us.

#1 – ICELAND’s ‘No Palm Oil Christmas’

Despite this one not being aired on TV for being too ‘political’, it has come out on top for us! There’s something about honesty, saving the Orangutans and fighting for a good cause that we just love here at Purple, and this advert ticks all those boxes. Since the Twitter launch, ICELAND have since had petitions signed to have it aired onto our TV screens, palm oil has been a hot topic in the news and it has opened the eyes of hundreds of thousands to how they can save an endangered species. Way to go, ICELAND!