My First 3 Months at Purple Agency

A first person account of joining Purple Agency, only to have to adapt to the 'new normal' at home due to Covid-19.


Author: Shannon Elliott

Senior Account Executive

Date posted: 04/06/2020

Now, as anyone who’s started a new job before will know, it takes time to get to know your colleagues, remember people’s names and match them to faces, and to just firmly get your feet under the table…so imagine trying to get this down to a tee in four days. Yes, four days.

Let me take you back to the beginning and introduce myself.  My name is Shannon Elliott and I have recently joined Purple Agency as a Senior Account Executive in Team B2B. Here’s my experience of joining Purple, and timing it perfectly with a global pandemic!

On my first day I successfully parked my car (this may not seem like a big deal to most people, but believe me, you’ve never seen me try to park my car. It’s a good job it’s small!) and made my way up to the building, not knowing what to expect. I sat in the reception area unaware that a few chairs away from me was Lucy, who was also joining Team B2B that day.

We were greeted by Helen, a Senior Account Manager, and given a tour of the agency, being introduced to lots of faces and bumping elbows – can anyone remember what a handshake feels like? The first day flew by and by the end of the day, any concerns of being the ‘new girl’ had vanished! Everyone was very welcoming and friendly.

Thanks to Covid-19, my time in the Purple office was very brief and before the end of my first week, I found myself packing up the contents of my new desk and taking it home with me. Luckily, in a previous job, I worked from home for two years, so working from home wasn’t as hard an adjustment for me as you might expect! The difficult part came in trying to learn the ropes, get to grips with the client accounts that I’m working on, and building relationships with my new colleagues, via email and Teams.

Team B2B has been great in making working from home seem less lonely – we have catch up calls every morning which are deliberately not work-related, so it’s like when you come into the office in the mornings and take your coat and bag off and have a chat about what you did the previous evening. It’s a really nice way to start the day and makes the current situation seem a little bit brighter! The whole company also has ‘Live Learning Tuesdays’ and a virtual get-together every Thursday which has brought a real community feel and has given me access to the wider team as well.

I’ve now been at Purple for three months and feel like I’m getting the hang of things - I’ve been involved with projects with key clients and have now moved across to support a new business win which is very exciting! In this time, I have also been nominated for a Purple Award and, even though I didn’t win, it’s not something I’ve had in previous jobs, and it was nice to get some recognition for a job well done.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the office and meeting people who I didn’t get a chance to meet when I started…and to putting more faces to the names I’ve met virtually!

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