Happy birthday to us!

Happy birthday to us!

Published date: 28 Aug 2018

Milestones are great, especially for businesses. It means you’ve achieved a goal and something’s going right. You may have seen Purple is hitting a big milestone in 2018 – ten years of creativity, innovation and amazing clients.

So last week, we headed out to celebrate. True, our official birthday isn’t for another fortnight, but if the Queen can have two birthdays, why can’t we? There’s nothing we Purple people like more than a chance to let our hair down.

As we reflect on the last ten years, here are five valuable lessons our party reinforced:

Good business is about good relationships

Business is ultimately about your customers, partners and employees, working together with one common goal. It was great to see people from all areas of the business pulling together as a team, playing to each other’s strengths to decide who was best to methodically approach giant Jenga or face the pressure of a penalty shootout.

Trying something different can lead to great things

Things don’t always go to plan. Whether it’s an unexpected gust of wind blowing your inflatable football goal down, or a well-struck penalty going one step further and actually popping it, sometimes you need to think creatively to solve a problem. Designers for goalposts, anyone?

There will always be winners and losers

Sure, it’s a lot more fun to win that pitch, but learning how to be a “good loser” is important too. Recognising where you went wrong (losing a ball in the river pretty much puts an end to any game) and accepting defeat will allow you to move forward.

It’s not what you do, it’s who you do it with

In business, it’s the people you work with that really count. At Purple, we’re lucky enough to have a brilliant team who are passionate about doing our very best, whether for a client project, a creative pitch or a particularly aggressive game of swingball.

Celebrating victories is important

As busy people, it’s easy to forget to stop and celebrate the good stuff that happens every day. Whether it’s a pitch win, a happy client, or a podium finish in the company sports day, sometimes you need to sit back and give yourselves a much deserved pat on the back.

At Purple, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved with our clients over the last ten years – here’s to the next ten!