From humble beginnings … 4 years in Purple’s healthcare creative evolution

From humble beginnings … 4 years in Purple’s healthcare creative evolution

Published date: 09 Aug 2018

Happy 10th Birthday, Purple! As we hurtle past the big one-o, it feels like a good moment to reflect both on our incredible rise from print management company to global creative powerhouse and my own concurrent journey from science graduate to medical copywriter.

In the healthcare space, Purple’s creative evolution has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Four years ago, I was a disillusioned scientific researcher, trapped in an endless cycle of observe, hypothesise, experiment, re-observe, re-hypothesise … I needed a new direction. Purple’s healthcare business was looking for a scientist, and I joined the client services team to translate client comments into actions for the creative department – put a p-value here, stick a footnote there, a suitable reference would be … etc.

But as our creative department expanded, so have my opportunities and skillset. And as the agency has matured to a full-service, strategic creative partner, I’ve grown into the role of a conceptual creative copywriter. I’m now part of a much bigger creative team and fully embedded within a department delivering a breathtaking range of strategic creative healthcare campaigns.

In a watershed moment last year, we literally tore down a wall at Purple HQ to make space for all the new hires, and I suddenly found myself fully integrated with the wider creative team – a writer sat amongst designers and developers, UX and motion graphics teams.

And this is where things start to get tasty ...

The agency’s breadth of expertise and modular creative approach means that we can do things that others can’t. On your own, creative breakthroughs are difficult, but grab a developer and a designer, and – with a little guidance – you find yourself smashing though boundaries for breakfast. Through it all, I’ve developed an appetite for ideas that’s hard to satisfy, a different way of looking at problems and a step change in how I see my own value.

So, many happy returns Purple. On this incredible skyward trajectory, you’ve taken me on an incredible creative journey too. Who knows what heights we’ll reach next?