Combatting falling sales through a Single Customer View

Can a Single Customer View database help businesses buck the trend of declining sales and customer engagement?


Author: Denise Minihane

Data Services Director

Date posted: 11/03/2019

The General Data Protection Regulations, better known as GDPR are making a lot of organisations reconsider their strategy for their Single Customer View (SCV) database:

  • If they have one, is it worth retaining it?
  • If an organisation doesn’t have a SCV - will they get the return on investment from building one?

I’m currently working with a client who absolutely believes that their SCV is a major contributor to their bucking the trend of falling sales in their sector.

Let’s start with the basics – what is an SCV?

An SCV is an aggregated, consistent representation of the data an organisation has about its customers. In real terms, by collecting and consolidating the data from every touch point you have with your customers, you will learn and understand: how and where they interact with you, what they buy, how frequently, the campaigns they respond to, and importantly what permissions they have given across multiple channels.

So how do you get maximum benefit from an SCV database?

Many organisations are now concerned about GDPR, and holding personal data. When managed properly, the SCV will actually help ensure an organisation is GDPR-compliant and give it the means to demonstrate this by having auditable processes.

The approach to developing an SCV should include the following:

  • Collaboration between those designing and building the system (either the external partner or in-house resource) and the stakeholders
  • Open discussions with system users – the SCV must deliver what they need to meet the organisation’s requirements
  • A review of the technical infrastructure – what environment will the system live in? In-house or hosted with a partner?
  • A complete review of all data flowing into and out of the organisation
  • What data is to be included in the SCV? Consider whether the data will be useful and beneficial to the users
  • Documentation of the system – this is vital to ensuring that the knowledge of the system remains with the organisation and is not in individuals’ heads
  • Building the system so that it can evolve: your organisation will not stand still, and nor should the SCV

So, if you’re still wondering whether a marketing database is worth the effort, or are concerned about compliance with GDPR, a single customer view database might just enable you to “kill two birds with one stone”, more than justifying the investment.

Denise Minihane is Data Services Director at Purple. She has overseen the development of single customer view databases for many clients and heads our award winning Purple data and CRM team.

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