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From humble beginnings … 4 years in Purple’s healthcare creative evolution

Happy 10th Birthday, Purple! As we hurtle past the big one-o, it feels like a good moment to reflect both on our incredible rise from print management company to global creative powerhouse and my own concurrent journey from science graduate to medical copywriter.

My front-row seat at the immuno-oncology revolution

Advances in medicine are often made in baby steps. Slowly, cautiously, apprehensively. But every so often, they leap onto the scene and nothing’s ever the same again.

31 May – World No Tobacco Day: A Look Back…

The 31 May 2018 marks the 32nd annual “World No Tobacco Day” – a day dedicated to raising awareness of the risks of tobacco use, and encouraging governments and regulatory bodies to ensure that tobacco use is presented to consumers honestly and responsibly. 

19 May: Wear it Purple for World IBD Day

19 May marks World IBD Day, a day that unites people all over the world in their fight against Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These are the two main forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). They cause inflammation in the bowel and the symptoms can be debilitating.