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Combining the wealth of data available to marketers with the intelligent use of marketing technology we have made marketing to an audience of one an everyday reality for our clients.

In a data driven, digital world, Purple harness the power of “big data” to understand audiences better, measure campaigns more precisely and market more effectively.

Apteco Marketing Suite - Analytics and Marketing Automation.

Delivering automated, multi-channel campaigns to an audience of one, 24/7, 365 days a year has been made possible by marketing technology like the Apteco Marketing Suite.

Purple have worked with Apteco, the developers of FastStats and PeopleStage data analysis, visualisation and marketing automation software, for over 20 years.

Our dedicated team of analysts, developers and software specialists, have designed and built award winning databases and Apteco Marketing Suite driven marketing technology solutions for clients across a wide range of sectors. You imagine it, we’ll make it happen.

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Customer Insight

Data can show you who your most valuable customers are, how frequently they buy, donate or visit your website, but not “why” they do it.

Without an additional level of behavioural insight, data is just that – data.  That’s why we have team of strategists and planners who delve deeper.

By segmenting audiences and creating user personas, customer journeys and understanding their needs, wants and motivations, we can help you really get to know the people behind the data. Understanding audiences better means more tailored customer experiences and increased user engagement.

Data Hygiene and Data Cleansing

Data driven marketing results are only as good as the data that goes into them.

To help clients improve campaign conversion, reduce cost per lead and stay legally compliant with GDPR, we imagined a solution that could provide all of this in one place. A solution our clients could use securely from wherever they were and whenever they wanted. Then we made it. We called it Data360.

Data 360 provides secure online access to free data audits and a comprehensive range of suppression, enhancement and data cleansing tools that help you keep your customer data accurate and up to date.

Digital Analytics

As a certified Google Partner, Purple measure, capture and interpret digital data to inform and develop effective content and search driven marketing.

Our Google certified digital strategy team, help clients optimise their digital presence, analysing how and where users engage and what they do next, to give us the insight to design and optimise campaigns for your perfect customer.

Social Listening

Understanding what people really think, say and share about your products and brands provides a rich seam of insight. Using state of the art social listening tools, Purple can help you reveal them.

Being able to develop content your audiences really want and responding quickly to trends will help optimise your social marketing and inform both your brand and content strategy. 

Digital Media

Our dedicated in-house media planning and buying team develop media placement strategies that help our clients reach their target audience in the most cost effective ways. Digital media requires continual optimisation to maximise results. We proactively manage our clients’ campaigns, regularly reporting results and refining the targeting to ensure content and messaging is delivered precisely to the most responsive audiences.

Using focussed brand and audience research into channel, consumer behaviours, key words and reach, our team are able to identify which combinations of media will be the most effective for every individual campaign.

By carefully integrating digital media: out of home, social, programmatic, display and PPC, with traditional print, broadcast and innovative guerrilla media, we are able to increase the visibility and impact of your campaigns with the audiences that matter most.


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